English Round Table

잉글리쉬 라운드 테이블

English Round Table, in Seoul South Korea, provides a unique atmosphere that enhances language learning through a comfortable social environment. 

Classes Currently Running

Beginner and Intermediate Classes

Fundamentals - This course is designed to introduce and develop fundamental English skills. The focus of this class is on the basic language and functions required to effectively communicate in the English-speaking world. Students are taught to build on basic skills through communicative exercises and extension activities. The material provided is intended to encourage students to express practical ideas beyond survival English.

Jump Start Discussion - This is our starter discussion course, focused on helping you express yourself in English. Each class includes dialogues, a small portion of grammar, vocabulary, a reading exercise, speaking points, and discussion questions. This class is perfect for those who have taken some time off and want to get back to studying English.

Upper Intermediate and Advanced Classes

In Depth Discussion - This is our discussion course for those who are avid English learners. These members put in study time outside of class and are fine tuning their English skills. Every class includes at least two pieces of advanced study material, including one audio and or video topic. We focus on retelling the story perfectly as well as adding one's own personal opinion.

Find Your Voice - This class is meant to maximize your speaking time. This course is very intensive, and participants will be expected to prepare short speeches every week. There will also be an element of peer evaluations. So come and unleash your English speaking voice. 


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